AidanN Aps. places great emphasis on providing portfolio management with a focus on the customer’s needs and thus wants to take care of our customers’ interests in the best possible way. This intention is laid down in the Company’s policies, business procedures, systems, characteristics of products and in the training of employees.


The company mitigates conflicts of interest in the following ways


  • The company has introduced business procedures and procedures that identify, describe and maintain the handling of conflicts of interest.
  • The agreements or activities with possible conflicts of interest are known to the investors at the time of subscription, and the investors are thus informed of the conflicts of interest in these agreements.
  • No employees in the Company receive variable remuneration.
  • Company employees are subject to a duty of confidentiality.
  • Company management or its employees may not, without the express written consent of the Board of Directors, enter into agreements with third parties that may affect the customers’ interests or its investors.
  • Specific investors may not be given special rights without such rights being offered this to other investors.
  • Company management may not hold other positions or responsibilities that may be to the detriment of the interests of the Company’s customers or investors. Any new item must be reported to the other members of the Board of Directors at the next Board meeting.